Please call me (or text) at (515) 520-0302 or contact me on Facebook ( to book an appointment.  Please note that my husband and I own and operate a Bar & Grill so my schedule can be very tight at times.  I do Photography on the side and not only have to allow for appointments during my times off at the Bar & Grill, but also editing time as well. 


I try to do most of my appointments on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings and Saturdays.  I also do not do more than three appointments per week so that I do not overload my schedule.  THE EARLIER YOU MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT THE BETTER CHANCE YOU HAVE OF GETTING IN WHEN YOU WANT (At least a month in advance).


Please make sure that prior to making your appointment that you look at my different package options and pick which is best for you.  Sometimes families want and need more than one hour.  Waiting until the day of your appointment to decided on more time may or may not work depending on what appointments I have following you, so planning ahead is the way to go. 


If you have outfit changes, please make sure to show up to the appointment with your first outfit on and ready to go.  The more outfit changes or different locations you want to take pictures in, the less shooting time you get as well as less pictures.  Organization will allow you to get the maximum shooting time and the most pictures out of your session.  

OUTFIT ADVICE:  I do not recommend wearing all white or all white t-shirts to picture sessions.  White can wash out skin tones and bright sunlight can negatively reflect on to chins and face.  I also do not recommend wearing neon colors as these colors nearly always reflect onto the chin area. 


Thank you for choosing Michelle Rene Photography