All photos within these proofing albums ARE NOT EDITED.  These are raw pictures that still need lighting adjustments, skin imperfection corrections, color adjustments, and special editing effects added to them.  These are NOT FINISHED PRODUCTS.

While going through your album, find the pictures that you want to be edited.  Pick your pictures based on backdrops and smiles that you like as well as poses.  Don't worry about coloring and other flaws as these will be fixed during final editing. 

When you hover over each picture you will see that picture's number.  Make a list of the pictures you want edited and either email them to or through my Facebook page.

There is a limited amount of edited pictures that you get with your package purchase.  See chart below:


Regular One hour Session ($100) - 20 Images

Regular 90 Minute Session ($135) - 25 Images

Extended Family Photo Shoot - 90 Minute Session ($150) - 25 Images

New Born Session - 2 Hour Session - ($150.00) - 25 Images

School Picture Session - 30 Minute Session - ($40.00) - 5 Images

School Picture Session - One hour Session - ($75.00) - 10 Images

$3.00 for each additional picture over your allowed limit.