When To Schedule a newborn session:

The best time to schedule newborn "Cherub" sessions is before your little angel arrives. Your session will be reserved based upon baby's due date. Once your baby has made his/her arrival, contact me right away so that we may secure a date and time.

The Best Age

Newborns - The "best" age is usually within the first 10 days. Older babies tend not to sleep as soundly and tend to stretch out and not curl into womb-like positions. Baby acne and colic also tend to flare up around 2 weeks.

If you notice that your new one sleeps more at a specific time of day, try and schedule your time for your session during that time.


I have my newborn session today - what should I do before hand? Some tricks to help are to try to keep your baby awake a few hours before your session (I suggest a bath!), and a good feeding half hour before your session and then prepare to feed right when you arrive. Most importantly, relax! Babies and kids can sense the stress in the air and often react against it. Also, dress the baby in something that can easily be taken off (ie - not over their heads) so that if the baby arrives sleeping, we can try to do everything to keep a sleepy baby.

PREPARE TO FEED!  Babies tend to wake up during sessions and it is only natural that baby will want to eat.  Typically they will eat more as well as often during a session, so be prepared with lots of bottles of milk (or to breastfeed more often than normal).

Bring a few warm blankets to wrap baby up in between shots.  I say bring two because if we are doing birthday suit pictures they sometimes have accidents, so you want to have a back up blanket.

Props:  You are more than welcome to bring any props that you wish.  I do have several fun props, hats, baby cocoons for you to use as well.

PREPARE FOR AT LEAST TWO HOURS.  Newborn sessions take longer than other appointments due to feeding, changing, and keeping your pumpkin happy between shoots.