Being a Senior Rep for Michelle Rene Photography is a very rewarding opportunity for any Senior looking for amazing Senior Portraits at an extremely affordable price!

Senior Reps receive a HUGE discount on the cost of their Senior Portrait Session.  Typically a Senior will pay $350.00 for their sitting fee as well as the cost of their prints.  As a Senior Rep, your sitting fee is FREE!  That's a $350.00 savings! 

As a Senior Rep you will also have incentives to get free prints too!

If you are chosen to be a Senior Rep, you must complete at least half of your session one month prior to the last day of school your Senior year.  The remaining portion of your session can be completed at a later date.  You can do inside and/or outside photos and up to as many as 4 outfit changes within a 3 hour session.

There are some guidelines for being a Senior Rep.  Senior Reps are a way for Photographers to get their name out and gain new clients.  As a Rep, you will spread the word about Michelle Rene Photography in a few ways and promise to do a few small things to help reach more students.  Please read through the following guidelines below:


  1. Michelle Rene Photography will exclusively be your Senior Portrait Photographer.  Meaning:  You will not use any other Photographers for Senior Portraits.
  1. Once your Senior Portraits are available to you, you and your parents will share your portraits on Facebook along with a small summary of your positive experience with Michelle Rene Photography stressing variety, uniqueness, reasonable pricing, and great portraits.
  1. You will hand out, to each student in your class, a 10% off coupon that has your name on the back of it.  This means that each person that uses the coupon, will get 10% off of their sitting fee.  For each 10% coupon received, you will receive 10 free wallets!  More cards back mean more wallets!  If I book 10 appointments or more (Meaning I get 10 or more of your cards back) you get your choice of the following:
    1. $150.00 Gift Certificate to Abercrombie & Fitch
    2. $150.00 Gift Certificate to American Eagle
    3. $150.00 Gift Certificate to Buckle
    4. $150.00 Cash
  1. It is your responsibility as a Michelle Rene Photography Senior Rep to help persuade your friends to use Michelle Rene Photography for their Senior Picture Photographer.


If you would like to participate in this amazing opportunity, please go the link below, fill out the form and either email it back to me or mail it to my home.


Home: Michelle DeYoung, PO Box 382, Cambridge Iowa  50046



Link to Application: